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Small bamboo pillow Midnight Blue

30 zł

Bamboo pillows combine all the wonderful properties of nature and science to give your baby’s head the best possible support.

Our pillows are made entirely from bamboo yarn, because we know that the best solutions always come from nature. Each pillow is only a few centimetres thick, which makes it easy to pack and carry around wherever it may come in handy. Though flat, it is also extremely soft and bouncy. Bamboo shows hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties, keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in the summer. It will not cause any skin irritation and can be used to prevent sweating on hot days, as bamboo quickly absorbs all the moisture. Our pillows are perfect for cribs, cradles and carrycots, and, thanks to their optimal size and elasticity, they will also prove ideal during travel.

Size and Quality:

Lenght: 30 cm
Width: 19 cm
Quality: 100% Bamboo Viscose with a cotton finish matched to the colour of the pillow
Filling: 100% Hypoallergenic Breathing Silicone Fibre
Color: Midnight Blue
All fabrics have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certificate
They can be washed in a washing machine in temperatures up to 30 °C
We support Polish business – our pillows are 100% made in Poland.

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