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Babynest Pink Triangle

159 zł

Little Heaven deluxe babynests are your baby’s first cosy and completely private kingdom. This is why we have cut no corners in making sure that they are absolutely safe and perfectly manufactured.

A babynest will help your baby adapt during the first months of life. Its flexible walls create a small and safe space evocative of the mother’s womb, and the nest serves as an excellent vantage point from which to observe the world, while making it easy for the parents to attend the baby.

Size and Quality:

Inner dimension: L65 x W25
Outer dimension: L85 x W50
Quality: Outer fabric: 100% Cotton Satin
Mattress thickness: 4 cm Mattress
Filling – 100 % Polyurethane foam Filling: 100% Hypoallergenic Silicone Fluff Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certificate
Color: Pink Triangle
Babynests are designed for babies up to 7 months old
They can be washed in a washing machine in temperatures up to 30 °C
We support Polish business – our babynests are 100% made in Poland.

What is a babynest?

Little Heaven deluxe babynests have many possible applications; we guarantee you will love them once you’ve tried them. An ideal gift for all young parents, they make daily baby care a whole lot easier. Babynests are indispensable for those who want to keep their baby close while they sleep. They prevent the child from rolling and falling off the bed, allowing the parents to sleep without needless worry, and keep the baby in the recommended position, i.e. on its back. Babynests can also serve as a play spot, a place to cuddle, massage and tickle your baby, or change its nappies, as they prevent it from turning over on its side. The nest can also be carried around (without the baby inside), which makes it easier to perform household work and to travel. Active parents will love Little Heaven deluxe babynests, as they make it possible to work or exercise without leaving the baby unattended. The baby, on the other hand, will be safe and happy to watch its parents go about their tasks.


We have invested in thorough testing to make sure that our babynests are completely safe for your baby. To begin with, every part of the product has been meticulously and devotedly manufactured in Poland. All fabrics are of top quality, certified to conform to the Oeko Tex Standard 100, which means they have been tested by an independent board that grants its seal of approval only to the best fabrics that meet the most stringent safety criteria. An additional important advantage is the thermoregulatory property of cotton, which prevents our babynests from overheating and irritating the skin. Their size (external dimensions 85 cm x 50 cm, internal dimensions 65 cm x 25 cm) is well adapted to natural movements. The babynests have also been designed to prevent the baby from turning over on its belly during sleep. The reflex is only recommended when the baby is being watched; it should sleep on its back during the first eight months of life. Remember that you also have an impact on the safety of Little Heaven deluxe babynests.

Here are a handful of guidelines to keep in mind:
– If you sleep in the same bed, remember to place the babynest between you and your partner
– never put it close to the wall or the edge of the bed
– If you smoke, drink alcohol, or take medication that may affect your judgment, never put the babynest in the bed.
– The baby’s head should always face the wider side of the nest.
– Always place the baby on its back in the middle of the nest.
– Do not carry the baby around in the babynest.
– The nest should always be placed on a clean and stable surface.
– Make sure not to put any extra objects, such as toys or pillows, inside the nest.
– Never leave a baby that can crawl unsupervised.
– Remember that the Little Heaven deluxe babynest is not a replacement for a baby car seat.
– Do not use extra mattresses, comforters or padding inside the nest.

How are Little Heaven deluxe babynests created?

From the technical point of view, Little Heaven baby nests are carefully designed down to the smallest detail to ensure the absolute safety and comfort of your baby. All fabrics are of the highest quality and certified to conform to the Oeko Tex Standard 100. The outer cover is 100% made of hypoallergenic and breathing cotton yarn, which prevents overheating, shows high hygroscopic properties and efficiently absorbs moisture. It is also guaranteed to amaze you with its softness and beautiful design. The nest is filled with hypoallergenic, breathing silicone fibre, a material at once soft and solid. The mattress is made of 4cm foam. Both products have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate. We have created the only babynest in Poland that is really easy to clean. Not only is the mattress removable, you can also dismantle the side walls, the tube and wash the cotton cover. This prevents the silicone fibres from lumping together and preserves their fluffiness and delicate softness; the cover dries in an instant. If you also need to wash the silicone-filled tube, you can do so separately at a temperature of max. 30ºC.

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