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Cotton blanket Dusty Pink

109 zł

Our cotton blankets are dedicated to parents who appreciate traditional solutions. Cotton has reigned among fabrics for many years now. Swaddle your baby in a lovely cotton blanket and embark on your extraordinary new life together. Remember that it has the power to magically preserve the best memories and smells of the earliest childhood moments.

Our cotton blankets are so special because they are extremely close to nature. Rather than being produced from ready-made textiles like most products available on the market, they are woven directly from cotton yarn, which helps tap all the precious properties of this wonderful plant. Our blankets are also 100% made in Poland and certified to conform to the Oeko Tex Standard 100 – Class, which means that they are completely safe and healthy for your child.

Blankets are a basic necessity for every baby; these delicate and extremely soft fabrics are useful during sleep, play and travel alike. Their beautiful patterns also make them an ideal ornament for your home, as well as a perfect gift for a young mother.

What makes cotton lead the field among fabrics and why did we choose it for our Little Heaven products?

Let’s have a look at its properties:

– HYGROSCOPIC – Cotton easily absorbs moisture, a fact we are sure you’ll appreciate in your daily baby care.
– THERMOREGULATORY – Good air permeability makes cotton perfect for winter and summer alike. Cotton blankets will keep a perfect temperature throughout the year.
– LIGHTNESS AND SOFTNESS – The most important properties of every favourite fabric.

Give your baby a sense of warmth and safety under the delicate Little Heaven blanket.

Size and Quality:

Lenght: 120 cm
Width: 80 cm
Quality: 100 % Cotton yarn
Colour: Dusty Pink
Best washed at 40 °C and flat dried Oeko Tex Standard 100 – Class 1 certificate
Made in Poland

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