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Bamboo blanket Light Lavender

119 zł

Fall in love with our ultra delicate bamboo blankets. Enfold the baby in a soothing bamboo embrace for a calm smile and a good sleep.

Our blankets are truly unique. They have been produced entirely of bamboo yarn in order to tap all the amazing natural properties of this wonderful plant. The blankets are 100% made in Poland and certified to conform to the Oeko Tex Standard 100 – Class 1, which means they are completely safe and healthy for your child. Little Heaven products instantly amaze with their softness and delicacy. Wrapped in our bamboo blanket, the child will feel enveloped in a mist of cosy warmth.

The blanket is a basic necessity for every small child, useful during sleep, play and travel alike. Its versatility and beautiful design make it a perfect gift for any young mother. Our blankets are woven from bamboo yarn because of its special properties:
– TERMOREGULATORY – Bamboo yarn shows excellent hygroscopic properties, which means it is three times more efficient than cotton at absorbing moisture. It dries very quickly, which makes it ideal for hot and cold days alike. In the summer, it will absorb sweat, prevent chafing and give your baby a sense of freshness. In winter, on the other hand, it will gently cuddle and warm it up.
– ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIFUGAL – bamboo neutralizes most surface microorganisms, thus preventing skin irritation and absorbing unpleasant odours.
– ANTISTATIC – bamboo yarn does not collect dust and mites, keeping the environment clean for your baby.
– HYPOALLERGENIC – bamboo soothes the skin and is ideal for allergic babies.
– ECOLOGICAL – no artificial agents and pesticides are used to grow bamboo; they’re not necessary because the plant can perfectly defend itself against insects and pathogens with its natural antifugal and antibacterial substances. Your baby’s skin is thus guaranteed to touch a 100% natural and safe fabric.
– BIODEGRADABLE – bamboo yarn undergoes natural decomposition which makes it eco-friendly.

Size and Quality:

Lenght: 100 cm
Width: 75 cm
Quality: 100% bamboo yarn
Blankets enriched with a Silver Plus formula, which inhibits the growth of many strains of bacteria, fungi and mould, thus eliminating unpleasant odours, preserving the natural skin balance and ensuring hygienic freshness. The substance is not degraded and continues to be active even after many washings.
Color: Light Lavender
Best washed at 40 °C and flat dried Oeko Tex Standard 100 – Class 1 certificate
Made in Poland

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