The Seller will provide the following payment methods to the Buyer:

– A payment by bank wire transfer to the Seller’s bank account held by Bank Pekao S.A, bank account number 58 1240 1125 1111 0011 0650 3932;

– Payments with credit or debit cards or via the Paypal electronic system or the Przelewy24 online payment system. There is no additional fee for card or PayPal payment for the Customer.

Ms. Daria Neckelius, the Service Provider, reserves the right to withdraw from the transaction in the event that wrong personal data is provided or the product is unavailable. In such case, the money paid by the customer will be returned to the bank account as provided by the customer. In the event of discontinuation of a given product, the Service Provider will notify the customer about its replacement or equivalent products, if they are available.