The Little Heaven is the way we express ourselves and exercise our creative freedom. Every technological solution, every pattern and every detail are all custom-made by our team and truly one of a kind.

Why do we do all that we do?

Because Little Heaven is the sum of our experiences, both parental and professional, and grows out of our reflection on the modern world. We have invested all our zeal, energy and passion in delivering the best products born out of something more important than business calculation. We take no shortcuts when designing our accessories and only pick the very best, top-quality fabrics produced by Polish weaving plants. Remarkable for their timeless elegance, our patterns draw on the best traditions of Polish and Scandinavian design, because we believe that children deserve to be surrounded by beauty from day one and have an early experience of art understood as the highest form of good craftsmanship. This will pay dividends in their future development. Come in and enter our little paradise to find accessories created with real passion, engagement and an ardent desire to deliver the highest possible quality. Exquisitely beautiful and original, the patterns of the first Little Heaven collection are exceptional because they have all been custom-designed for our store by the wildly creative Agnieszka Kobylińska, Surface Pattern Designer.

The Little Heaven Team